“I feel much more confident now and
I am able to promote myself in my own natural way”

Thanks to Sheela I have not only found “myself” but can now promote my work without being worried about the marketing side of it.

Before I started working with Sheela I was really too shy to offer my services to people and when I did, often felt uncomfortable doing it. Through working with Sheela I realised that my work indeed is of great value, and that people cannot benefit from it when they don´t know about what I have to offer.  I feel much more confident now, and therefore I am able to promote myself in my own, natural way and without feeling awful about it.

Coaching with Sheela even turned my whole attitude about marketing 180 degrees around. While I used to hate it to sell (or being sold to) I now quite enjoy marketing and even encourage others to change their mind about it.

I can only recommend Sheela, I mostly appreciated her honesty and gentle but determined insistence to lead me to seeing things differently for myself. Thanks, Sheela.

Katja Symons
Therapist & Life Coach
Holistic Therapist, specialised in Lower Back Pain & Sciatica

Tel. +34 968193977
Mob. +34 696632281




“I have clients phoning me up to book space now!”

I can’t thank Sheela enough for all the support, encouragement and understanding that she has shown me throughout this course. With her help I can now breathe new life into my business.

Before I started working with her I was in a very negative head space about my business and I wasn’t attracting any clients.

I first met Sheela on a Louise Hay course in England in 2009; after the course I started to receive her E-zines. I didn’t always read them but I saved them into a folder. Moving on 2 years to 2011 and I moved to Australia. With a new start I was determined to launch my business but my old marketing demons resurfaced and I thought I would see what Sheela had to say. I spent one afternoon just reading one E-zine after another, absorbing all the advice and insights – it was powerful stuff and I knew I needed to work with her.

Since working with Sheela my confidence, drive and enthusiasm have grown enormously. I now have a data base of clients, I have people phoning me up to book a place on workshops, I am putting out a newsletter, I am networking with other therapists but, the biggest thing is that I am enjoying it!! And I KNOW my business will be a success.

Thank you Sheela – I would whole heartedly recommend you to anyone who is trying to market their business. 

Dot Sweeting
Heal Your Life Workshop Leader & Coach



“Now I have a purpose, a plan and the tools
to make it happen right now”

I am a qualified coach but my ‘scattergun’ approach to bringing in business just wasn’t bringing me clients. I knew I needed to narrow in on a niche area but I was struggling to find that niche. The more time and energy I spent trying to force the answers, the more frustrating it became and any resolution seemed impossible.

That’s when I turned to Sheela for help. I’d followed some of Sheela’s newsletters and found her style to be caring and direct but without any of the sales pushiness you can find with some marketeers. Firstly we had an informal chat about the issues I was coming up against and from that conversation I was reassured that Sheela knew her stuff.

Sheela was wonderfully supportive in her calm and persistent way. Over two sessions she skilfully guided me through a personal enquiry process (which was revelatory in itself) to a point of clarity where we identified a niche area I hadn’t even thought of before, an area that really excited me too – what a light bulb moment!

I had a general conversation with someone today who asked what kind of coaching I did. I thought “this is good practice to hear how the words I use sound”. Then quite out of the blue the person expressed an interest in becoming a client!

I think that working with Sheela makes sense from a business perspective and also financially and personally too because you get so much more back on your investment.

Maybe I could’ve got to this point on my own eventually but when I think of how much more time and money I could’ve wasted in the meantime it doesn’t bear thinking about.

Now I have a purpose, a plan and the tools to make it happen right now!”

Thank you Sheela! 

With gratitude

Sharon Waring
Coaching You Through Redundancy and Finding The Life You Really Want!



“I now actually enjoy marketing!”

Working with Sheela has been a real learning experience and I have been both stretched and encouraged to take action throughout the course.

Before I took this training/mentoring/coaching with Sheela, to be honest, I just did not like the idea of ‘marketing’. I have been, what I would describe as, a spiritual person for my whole life, and the idea of charging money for my coaching and changework was a tough one. Sheela really does come from a ‘heart centered’ place and she was so able to address, acknowledge and resolve my concerns that I now actually enjoy marketing! Who could have figured such a change was possible!

Sheela comes from the heart, from the path of her own wisdom and commitment to working and teaching from that wisdom. That results in her clients learning marketing that is individual and authentic to them. It has to be that way because it is about us learning to share our unique message with the world.

I greatly value the time Sheela spent with me and want to absolutely recommend her to you on your business journey.

Richard Ingate


“My business is going from strength to strength”

My business coaching sessions with Sheela have helped me enormously, coming from a Natural Health field it is hard to think healing, business and money in the same brain, I tend to help first and think business later. My coaching sessions with Sheela have helped me find a more comfortable balance in the giving and receiving area of my professional life. Sheela, opened my eyes to the fact that my business is not about me or my credentials but about what the customer wants and needs and how I can fulfill those needs.

My business has become more structured, since beginning my coaching with Sheela. I am no longer chasing my tail, I now manage my time and work load more efficiently. Goals have been set and met. My confidence in my own ability has increased. I don’t take the “no’s” personally, I understand I am closer to the “yes’s”.

Sheela’s coaching style is non-judgmental, encouraging, gentle; but to the point, a conversation comes to mind “is this a hobby or a business” those few words struck a chord and with her guidance I truly feel I am on the right path and my business is going from strength to strength.

Laura Murphy, Javea, Spain

Tel: (0034) 697 85 1413


“I honed in on my passion for teaching Reiki!”

After 16 years as a Holistic Therapist and Teacher, I felt that it was time to take a fresh overview.

Sheela is a very positive, realistic and supportive coach, who has helped me to look outside my comfort zone with regard to business matters.

Although I really love what I do and feel incredibly grateful to be in that position, Sheela has helped me to hone in on my passion for teaching Reiki at all levels.

I have gained many benefits by working with Sheela and would recommend her to anyone who wants to take the next step forward in their business.

Tricia Essery, Holistic Therapist/Teacher FICHT, ATL, BFRP, CHSVA, Reiki Master

E-mail triciaessery@hotmail.com
Phone (0034) 966472834


“Great improvements in attitude and focus”

Sheela has been coaching our staff regularly in our Chiropractic centre since January 2010.

During this time we have seen great improvements in attitude and focus with them and greater team spirit.

I would recommend to anyone who wants to optimize staff performance and team spirit to have regular sessions with Sheela.

Johan Nilsson – Licensed Chiropractor
Sharon Nilsson – Licensed Chiropractor



“I moved ahead with renewed freedom, insight and positivity”

Sheela has a gentle but laser-like way of coaching right to the heart of the matter, emphasis on heart! She graciously holds your best and highest good with you, and helped me move ahead with renewed freedom, insight and positivity. 

Monica Strobel, author of The Compliment Quotient



“I am in a much better position financially”

Working with Sheela has brought me more clarity in my business and into my life in general. I am much more structured, focused and know which direction I am going in.

Before I started working with Sheela I used to worry about lots of things, like a student leaving even though it was no fault of my own. I don’t worry about them any more. I understand that being an entrepeneur means I have stepped out and am willing to face my fears. I take it one day at a time, and recognise each step is helping me to become a stronger person and taking me closer to where I am meant to be.

And even though I haven’t yet achieved my money goals, I am in a much better position financially, and I KNOW I am on course to hit them very soon.

Lucia Villanueva
Palabra Cadabra Language School
Tel: 696084676


“I got really clear on my niche market”

Working with Sheela has helped me sort out quite a few problems I was having. One of those being my niche market. By working together we were able to get clear and work it out. Sheela has pointed me in the right direction concerning many aspects of my business.

I wish I had employed Sheela a lot earlier on, but better late than never!

If you are thinking about using Sheela’s services then stop thinking and do it, you won’t regret it.

Stephen Shephard
Casatech Europa SL


“3 people jumped on board immediately!”

I have recently set up a new charity called Guardian Angels that supports one parent families. This is a whole new enterprise for me, and I am learning every step of the way. It is like any new business, even though it’s not a business, it requires all the set up and systems and comes with the same sort of responsibilities and the same sort of hurdles.

Having Sheela as my coach has been fabulous in the fact that when I have been through the doubts about whether this will work, am I doing the right thing, are there people out there who will help or need the help, will the funds come in that we need, she has helped me stay focused and motivated. As any business owner knows, it can be very easy to get despondent when things don’t go the way we want them to and so having Sheela there to support me makes such a difference.

She has also been great in brainstorming new ideas and coming up with suggestions of where to find the volunteers I need to run the charity. One of her suggestions led to 3 people jumping on board and contributing their services, time and energy immediately.

The best part about working with Sheela has been that she delivers the results. I ask her with help on specific subjects when we talk, and she comes up with the goods.

I would highly recommend Sheela as I know she is genuinely committed to helping others and she practises what she preaches.

Many of the people providing a support service for my charity are doing it on a “Pro Bono” basis. When Sheela learned about this she immediately offered her coaching services to help my one parent families and is truly an Angel!!

 Tricia Barr


“I’m on the right path!”

Since 2007 I have been living one of the most significant “crisis” of my life. I have taken decisions which have turned my world upside down and now I have to adapt to new situations.

On the one hand, I realise I haven’t totally closed the door on old situations and on the other, I know new doors are opening slowly. It’s a stage of exploring, where I am coming face to face with my fears and where plenty of doubts arise, and it’s tough to take decisions.

I searched for help in many different directions and then last spring (2010), in the middle of all this confusion, Sheela was “put onto my path”. I have attended 8 week courses, one day workshops and one to one sessions with her. I am very grateful for all her teachings. Things are changing and progress is steady. It is marvellous to feel better without having to succumb to the label that this is a “depression” and needs medication. Sheela encourages me to believe in myself and my own self-empowerment, and helps me to keep up the good work.

She’s got the enthusiasm, the books, the know how. She’s spiritual. She’s action-oriented and positive. She’s kind but firm and that keeps me on track. The tools she uses are helping me achieve my personal goals and are very useful for me to use with my students, and that reinforces my motivation too. Definitely, all this has helped me focus. My favourite affirmation at the moment is: I’m on the right path, I’m on the right path, I’m on the right path…

I would encourage anyone who feels alone or confused to work with Sheela. It’s a creative, constructive and positive journey. Once you learn to live this way it means you are more aware of your PRESENT and thoughts become more positive, emotions more pleasant, feelings more loving…

With love and gratitude, thank you Universe for putting Sheela on my path: I’m on the right path, I’m on the right path, I’m on the right path, I’m on the right path…

Isabel Montiel
email  montielisabel@hotmail.com


“My confidence and positivity have just soared!”

Sheela’s Marketing from the Heart 12-week programme is more than just straightforward marketing. There is lots of theory and recommended techniques, but theory is one part, the other is believing that it will work. This is where Sheela differs from other coaches I have used. She works beyond theory and gets you thinking beneath the surface.

Since I’ve embarked on 1-to-1 coaching with her my confidence and positivity have just soared. I no longer see quiet weeks as heart sinking failures. Sheela is more than just a support network, I am able to plan ahead, pass marketing strategies through her and get a professional and neutral view.

I’d worked with 2 marketing coaches before I met Sheela. I seemed to be getting bad luck after bad luck and, despite all the previous advice and actions put in place, I was told by one of them that “the universe was against me”!

Sheela has turned all that around and shown me that, in fact, the universe is beating a path to my door, I just have to know how to let it in.

Sheela has shown me how to turn a negative into a positive, boosted my confidence and most of all, I now know, not hope, that I will get my desired outcome.

Doreen Chin Ling
Holistic beauty and massage therapist
01932 352241


“I’m not hiding out any more!”

Sheela is an amazing marketing and empowerment coach. Sheela not only understands your business, but she delves into the heart of it to really search, build and have a strategy to take your business to its total potential.

What I find most inspirational about Sheela is it’s like having 3 coaches in one, a marketing coach, a personal development coach and a heart centred life coach. She has so many skills not only does she get to the heart of your business, she reaches the heart and soul of the person.

For me, Sheela empowered me to stand in the truth of who I am, not hide, not play it small, but stand tall in my personal and professional gifts, birth my inner power and build a strong foundation for my business to grow and grow.

Since working with Sheela the results in my business have been astonishing, I have the inner and outer confidence to shine. Not only has Sheela made an impact on me and my business, but by being my true authentic self I can now deliver a top quality service to my clients. It’s a win – win.

I would encourage all to invest with Sheela. The rewards, results and transformation are at a level that any big–hearted business owner simply cannot afford NOT to work with Sheela.


Julie Anne Hart


“I know I can change anything I want now!”

Sheela has had a huge effect on my life. She takes the time to help me step back and look at things from a different perspective and she has taught me that I can change anything I want to by changing the way I think.

I always end our coaching calls in a much better space than when I started – she’s an inspiration.”

Anita Smith, Business Manager, New Zealand


“She helped me get the clarity I was looking for”

Before I started coaching with Sheela I felt stuck and confused about which way to take my business. I was short on clients and short on money.

She helped me get the clarity I was looking for, and helped me reignite the passion I once had for my profession, which has made it so much easier to move forward.

Sheela is always very supportive and encouraging, and gave me a kick when I needed it! I would recommend anyone who is struggling in their business to work with Sheela.

Elliot Hayes


“I felt a lot calmer and more confident”

I found Sheela´s sessions surprisingly powerful and very emotional. Afterwards I felt a lot calmer and more confident in handling difficult situations.

Geraldine Godley, Alfaz del Pi, Spain


“I feel I have turned the clock back 20 years!”

Sheela Masand is an excellent coach with great intuition and questioning skills that let her get direct to the route of a problem very quickly. She cares for her clients in a profound way and deals with difficult issues with incredible sensitivity. Having gone initially to explore the reasons I have always been overweight I was amazed how quickly Sheela got to the route of the situation. I had tried some therapy before which although it helped and I did see some weight loss did not deal with the core issues and so slowly I regained a lot of the weight.

Over a six-week period, Sheela looked at the issues surrounding my weight. How and when it started, what my feelings were associated with weight and how I viewed the world and myself. A lot of the “work” we did together was profoundly moving. I dealt with issues I buried years ago and were still hounding me. One huge step forward was accepting myself at every stage and accepting that changes we were making would be a part of my life forever.

I have changed and am still changing. I am moving toward my goal of being fully healthy. Although this has involved weight loss and will continue to do so until I reach my genuine ideal weight, much more important is the joy and health that comes with discovering the best I can be and the best there is for me. I feel a different person but in fact I am a different person. I continue to change and add rather than take things away from my life. The six-week course has definitely transformed me. Also the positive changes and thought patterns I have now adopted will serve me better all my life. I once worried about my health and growing old. I now feel I have turned the clock back 20 years!

Laurence Pavey, Alfaz del Pi, Spain


“I’ve moved countries and am working
towards an amazing life dream!”

To be honest most people say I am a highly motivated person with a positive out look who knows what they want and how to make it happen, yet last year I reached a point where I was unsure what I wanted out of life, I felt stuck in my job, frustrated  with my financial situation and uncertain about the future, and could not see a way forward. That’s when I took the plunge to try life coaching to see if it could help? Boy I am glad I did! Its been such a great help, the coaching sessions have given me a chance to explore what I really wanted out of life without having to spend hours soul searching! Along with a clear way on how to make positive changes towards achieving my dreams.

What I love about my sessions with Sheela is that she is so flexible and she has so many different approaches, that each session is different with the focus on what I need right at that moment, so if I need support with work, my relationship, family etc I know it´s there. What’s great too is that every week I know I am moving forward towards what´s really important to me, which makes me feel I am living a really full life even when its tough! Coaching has made me realise that I have the power to achieve all I want!

Through coaching with Sheela I have a deeper and closer relationship with my partner, I have moved country, found an amazing job, and am currently working towards an unbelievably amazing life dream! I recommend it to any one who wants to feel alive, happy and fulfilled! Yes you do need to put the effort in, it´s not done for you! Yet boy it´s worth it!

Tracy Gill, Spa Manager, Cyprus