Attention all healers, practitioners, coaches and heart based service professionals

Do you wonder whether you’ll ever be able to bring in enough clients to make a profit?

Do you hate the thought of having to sell yourself?

Are you constantly worrying about how to get new clients to come and work with you?

Do you feel like you are going round and round on the hamster wheel and getting nowhere fast?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are not alone.

My name is Sheela Masand, and I can really relate to where you are in your business because I used to feel just the same way when I first set up this business.

I was following the traditional marketing methods we had used when building my previous multi seven figure food import business here in Spain. What I had not taken into account, was that times have changed, and I was working in a completely different field back then.

So after trying it on my own and feeling totally frustrated with not being able to bring in the clients I knew I could help, I set about finding expert support around the marketing. I hated the idea of selling myself and was determined I wouldn’t have to do that.

What I learned was that the more I shared of myself and of my own personal story in a very genuine and authentic way, the more my business blossomed. This was wonderful, I could be me and work with new clients who wanted to pay me well for my services and all without feeling “sales-y”.

It sounds simple.

Too simple maybe?

That’s what I thought too, but when I started to understand how the human mind works it made perfect sense.  Human beings are designed to connect, it’s our natural way of being.  So when we are being our natural authentic selves, others pick up on that and want to connect with us. It really is as simple as that.

Think about the times you have made a purchase, particularly of a service.  Did you feel the connection with the seller?  Was there something that “felt” right about the purchase.  That’s what I am talking about here.  The invisible and yet so very important differentiator between traditional sales and heart centred sales.

You see, there are fundamental principles that govern us in the same way that the law of gravity is at work whether we remember it or not.  The law of gravity is at work whether we believe it or not too, that’s the nature of principles or laws.

Once we understand how a principle works, we can work with it and benefit greatly.  Think about the principle of gravity and the benefits such as being able to fly tons of metal around in the sky (airplanes).  Without understanding that there is such a principle or law, that wouldn’t be possible.

Well the same is true of these fundamental principles.  Once understood the benefits are huge.  A typical example of this is how my clients come to enjoy marketing and sales when previously they had absolutely hated it.  You can read more about that here

If you want to learn more about these fundamental principles and how you can tap into your own design for success I encourage you to check out my services page