Get It Done Days


Your on-line answer to getting it done!



  • Are you stuck?

  • Is there a task or a project on your to do list that never gets done?

  • Do you have all the information but just can’t get into action mode?

Guess what?  You are so NOT alone!  Turns out there are lots of people just like you who struggle with getting s*#t done!

The good news is that you are in exactly the right place if you are ready to get some help and get it done!

For many years I’ve been helping business owners grow their businesses and a couple of years ago I facilitated 2 group programmes helping practitioners do just that.

Included in those programmes were 3 Get It Done Days.  The reason for including these days was the feedback that I heard from so many practitioners; it wasn’t more information they needed, it was to actually get it done that was the challenge.  There was an abundance of information, in fact, so much so they were in overwhelm.  What they really needed was to take action.  So in my vein of keeping it simple, I called them just that, Get It Done Days.  We had 3 over the 10 month period.

The results were excellent.  All the participants got s*#t done.  Some of them achieved and even over achieved on their goals; others got into action and got the ball rolling so to say, and others found that what they “thought” they wanted to achieve morphed into something quite different, but it was all amazingly positive feedback and most importantly, super productive.

“In just one day I arranged all the calls that filled my event”

Make sure you take full advantage of the Get It Done Days. In just one day I arranged all the calls that filled my event. 

I was starting from scratch and had a lot of discovery to do. It was great to work alongside people who were operating at different levels.

Victoria Green


Who is the Get it Done Day for?

Anybody who wants to achieve anything!

Here’s a sample of the projects that “got done” to give you an idea of what’s possible:

  •        a free gift audio to offer visitors on their websites
  •        creation of a brief promotional video
  •        invitations to conversations to fill an event
  •        updating a follow up system
  •        creation of an outline for a preview teleseminar

And other “non-business” ideas of what’s possible:

  •        Decluttering a room/wardrobe/house
  •        Creating a timeline for a project such as moving house
  •        Making a will (at least getting it started)
  •        Revising all insurance policies to ensure best value for money
  •        Researching prices and logistics for a dream trip
  •        Beginning that training programme you have been meaning to get your teeth into

Get it Done Days are designed to give you accountability in a way that works for you.

There is a simple 3 step formula:

1.       You state your goal at the beginning of the day

2.       Check in at appointed times to report progress and for renewed inspiration

3.       Goal is achieved or new goal set


“Invaluable Days”

One of the highlights of the course for me was the Get It Done Days, not only were they fun, but we really did get things done in that day.  For me those days were invaluable as I now have a recording which I give out to anyone who signs up for my Newsletter, plus finally I was dragged into the modern world and found out about Teleseminars, how to conduct them and then actually did a couple live. Throughout the whole day, we were gently encouraged by Sheela and by each other.

Sue Lachman

How does it work?

There are 3 different ways to jump into this with me all depending on the amount of support you fancy or more importantly, what you know will work for you.

This is an on line programme, so you can join us from anywhere in the world as long as you have connection to the internet.  Once you have paid the fee, you will receive a confirmation email with the joining instructions.  No technical savvy required, it will be literally click the link and join the calls.

All the days run from 9.30am-3.30pm UK time.

1.  Get It Done Day Lite – maximum 50 people  

  • One full day with 4 check-ins available throughout the day as a group.
  • Only 2 of the check-ins are obligatory, the first one to declare your goal for the end of the day and then at the end of the day to share your achievements. The other 2 are for support and accountability with a small amount of coaching if required along the way.  Check-ins are brief because the point of the day is to Get It Done!

Date:    Monday 28th November 2016

Price:  €25 + 21% sales tax as applicable

2.  Get It Done Day Regular – Group maximum 10

  • One full day with minimum of 4 check-ins – reasonably brief because the point is to Get It Done!
  • Only 2 of the check-ins are obligatory as in the light day, and the others will be for support and coaching as required.
  • This group is limited to 10 people to ensure as much one-to-one support as possible while remembering this is about “getting it done” and not just talking about it!

Date: Friday 2nd December

Price:  €45 + 21% sales tax as applicable.

3. Get It Done Day De Luxe –  One-to-One

  • This is your personal bespoke Get It Done Day. I am “yours” in essence for the day.
  • We will agree the number of check-ins on our first meeting
  • If you get stuck along the way or need some hand holding with a task or two, I will help you.
  • This is not a VIP day where we work together all day, this is a Get It Done Day with lots of extras!
  • Follow up call 30 mins to tie up any loose ends
  • Date to be arranged at your convenience

Price:  €295 + 21% sales tax as applicable



  • Book by end of 21st November and receive a 75 minute podcast where psychiatrist, Dr Bill Pettit, explains overwhelm. This is one of the major reasons people report not getting stuff done.  Value $14.95
  • Book the Regular or De Luxe day and receive a FREE 90 minute session with me.  This can be used to kickstart your Get It Done Day by cutting through the confusion and overwhelm or as a deep dive into whatever you want or need help with.


This is my first time offering these days as standalone services so I have no idea how this will pan out.  One thought I have had if people find these useful is to offer a “bundle” at a discounted rate so if you think you might be interested in the future, please let me know too and which day(s) is most convenient to you.


Why would I pay to help me get something done?

Fair question.  Here’s the most helpful question to consider:  What’s my ROI? (return on investment).  This will be different for different people.  It maybe that if you don’t get the task done on your list you will be losing money, time or wasting energy.   Be honest with yourself.  What’s the price of NOT getting it done?  How much has it cost you already?  That might be in constantly berating yourself for not getting it done or making yourself promises and breaking them.  All this is wasted energy and time.

What if I can’t make it on the day?

Your fee will be transferred to another GIDD.  There are no refunds because the very nature of this day is to get it done and money is one form of commitment to achieving that.  I could have said no refund and no transfer either and I may say that one day!

Do I need to be tech savvy to join you on line?

Absolutely not.  You will receive an email from me shortly before the GIDD with details on how to join us.  We will be using an on line meeting software called Zoom.  Once you click on the link you will be asked to download the software on to your device which only takes a few minutes.   This is only required if you have never used Zoom before.  After that you will automatically be directed to the correct page.   If you prefer you can join by telephone and instructions for that will be in the email too.